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What's On at The Nutshell Studios

We have a range of classes and workshops to choose from at The Nutshell Studios. Explore the options below and contact the relevant teacher.



Group Sound Bath

with Lou Marie

5.45 – 6.45pm, 14 April 2022

Channelling Reiki energy through pure crystal quartz singing bowls, experience an evening to restore & deeply relax while your whole being bathes in the beautiful healing vibrations.
Journey through the multiple layers of sound until your body & mind gently drifts off to a sleepy magical state.
The perfect blend of nourishment & nurturing to bring your day to a close ☁️💫

Contact Lou
07703 756 805


Flummery at the Nutshell Studios

with Brenda Waite

The Flummery Room is a monthly movement based workshop for creatives who would like to explore their expressive potential.

The sessions begin with a one hour class, a rich mix of individual and collective exploration using improvisation and a range of techniques to look at themes of presence, space, time, voice/language, object and more.

Through a progressive layering of elements we move into a more open structure of guided improvisations and sharing.

The Flummery process invites a sense of play, connection and investigation. A positive feedback model will be integrated throughout. 

Adults of all levels of experience welcome.  

Brenda’s practise is influenced by her eclectic experience in somatic practices, dance, physical theatre and improvisation. 


2022 dates: Feb 19th,  March 19th, April 23rd,  May 21st
Time: 11.30 -1
Venue: The Nutshell Studios, Old Market, Nailsworth, Stroud GL6 0DU
Cost: £12

Max 8 participants.

Lateral flow test suggested so everyone can feel at ease, thanks. 

For booking and further information contact: brendawaite100@gmail.com


Group Sound Bath

with Lou Marie

7 – 8pm, 7 March 2022

Channelling Reiki energy through pure crystal quartz singing bowls, experience an evening to restore & deeply relax while your whole being bathes in the beautiful healing vibrations.
Journey through the multiple layers of sound until your body & mind gently drifts off to a sleepy magical state.
The perfect blend of nourishment & nurturing to bring your day to a close ☁️💫

Contact Lou
07703 756 805

Candlelit yoga

Candlelit Yoga – Rest and Restore

with Ginny Burbidge

7- 8.30 – 22nd December 2021

An opportunity to deeply unwind, recharge and restore energy.

This session will include postures and pranayama techniques to promote wellbeing and positivity and light from within.

You will find ambient music and candlelight.

Limited spaces available.

Please get in touch for more information and to book your space.

Ginny: ginny.burbidge@yahoo.com

Yoga Workshop

with Annet Richards-Binns

29 August, 3rd October, 31 October 2021 10am – 12pm
(£27 for one session, £50 for two, £66 for three)

“Visoka va jyotismati” ~ Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.36

There is always a Supreme Light within us that is free from all sorrow and grief, no matter how much we may be experiencing suffering.

Join Annet for a fluid Yoga practice that guides you to strengthen your ability to be present, move in harmony with your breath and to feel into your heart. This practice includes pranayama & mantra & meditation.

Come as you are… to explore, to reflect, to tune into your Self and nourish your own inner light.

Nourishing nibbles and drinks included.

Please book your space: Connect with Annet on 07811 304684 or email annetrichardsbinns@gmail.com

Summer Workshops 

with Ginny Burbidge

Wednesday 18th August 7.00 – 8.30pm
“Finding Balance”

This workshop will focus on developing balance both physically and mentally through asana (physical practice) and pranayama (breathing techniques) as well as drawing on yoga philosophy.

Wednesday 25th August 7.00 – 8.30pm

A moving practice focusing on asana to develop core strength as well as the Manipura chakra which relates to inner power and the digestive system.

Investment is £12 per workshop or £20 for both workshops.

Places are limited. Please get in contact for more information and to book your space.



Movement & Words

Film, Body and Space with Brenda Waite and Anna Cady.

This workshop will bring us into our three dimensional body connecting through the layers of our tissue into a deeper relationship with our physical presence, each other and our surroundings.

Playing within spatial frames we will look at how we perceive and inhabit space, our presence and position within an image and what that communicates.

Anna will propose short creative writing exercises to find words to express what effect screened film has on the senses / the body allowing a rich range of movement to unfold.

When: 12th OR 13th June, 2021
Time:  10 – 2.30pm  (30min lunch break, please arrive at 9.50am)
Cost:  £20
Spaces limited to 6 participants per workshop, booking essential.

For booking and further info contact Brenda: brendawaite100@gmail.com
Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring food and water.  Tea and Biscuits provided.

Brenda Waite
I am a performance practitioner of physical theatre and dance whose work is grounded in practises that accentuate ‘live-ness’.  My projects revolve around fostering connection with others, our physical surroundings and personal narratives.

Anna Cady
My intention, in making films co-creatively with artists and non-artists, is to enable conversations about differing points of view. Site specific installations combine performance, dance, music and poetry.

Classes & Sessions

Teachers Ginny BurbidgeI have been practising yoga since 2002 and been teaching since 2017. I have a background in dance and dance teaching and this exploration in movement has lead me to the transformative practice of yoga.

My classes aim to be down to earth and accessible to all. My classes focus on breath and moving with intention as well as being physically challenging. There is a focus on precision as well as providing a chance to flow and for deep relaxation.

I am a registered member of Yoga Alliance UK.

07876 280359

Tiger is a kundalini yoga teacher who recently trained with Path  to Source (200+hours) in Glastonbury. She has been practicing yoga for over ten years and kundalini yoga for over 5 years. Her experience of kundalini yoga, which is a mixture of kriya (postures), mantra and meditation is that it is deeply transformational and healing. You do not need any previous experience of yoga to practice kundalini – all ages and abilities are welcome.

Please bring a yoga mat or sheepskin and a blanket. Feel free to bring a block or pillow to sit on.

Contact tiger.chadwick@mac.com

Following a full time ballet training, Jennifer danced professionally for 15 years before training as a ballet teacher, initially freelance, then running her own Ballet school in Surrey for many years.

A recent move to the Cotswolds has led to a return to freelance teaching. She is passionate about ballet and it’s many benefits, which include good posture and balance, muscular strength, flexibility, improved motor skills and stamina.

The class starts with a gradual warm up at the barre, then centre work including adage and allegro. It is suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

For more details please call Jennifer on: 07818 293999.

Anne has been teaching yoga for over twenty years. Initially in London where she trained, and then in Gloucestershire, she follows a form of yoga that works to realign the body so that it moves more effectively.

Yoga is not about getting into strange postures, rather, yoga is about working with the spine and the breath to allow the body to move with greater ease. We need to be kind to the body and develop greater body awareness.


Kundalini Yoga with Georgia
Thursdays from 9:15AM – 10:45 AM

I am a new Kundalini yoga teacher at Nutshell Studios.

I practiced Ashtanga Yoga for years but still really struggled with pain and a lack of energy and continued to rely on outside practitioners for healing.  Then I discovered Kundalini yoga and I finally found all that I was wanting in a yoga practice.

I am not a purist of Kundalini, but rather, I try and distill the beauty and wisdom of the practice so that it resonates with all  who are called to it.

I hope to hold space in such a way that all who join me on this journey have the power and freedom to meet the class in whatever way is right for them.  It is not my journey, it is yours.  I am not your healer, I am only lighting the path so that you may become the conduit for your own healing and the teacher of your own learning.

Kundalini yoga uses physical exercises, mantra, music, and breath work to open our hearts, tame our egos, strengthen our bodies and meet ourselves with unconditional love and the deepest compassion.

Come and bask in the sunshine of your soul on Thursdays from 9:15AM – 10:45 AM.

For booking and further information, contact Georgia: 



Sophie is a yoga teacher who has been practising for over 4 years. She has completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with Waking Minds Yoga. 

Sophie believes that all aspects of yoga will help build a positive relationship with your inner self and the world around you. She works to build a safe environment using hands on adjustments and support to help you find a pose or sequence. 

This is a beginners yoga class for those who are completely new to yoga or who may have done a few classes. We will explore different poses and find the right place for your body. Just because this is a beginners class does not mean it will not be challenging expect to build some heat and fire in the body. 

Please bring your own mats and props (contact me if you need some support in purchasing these).

Email: sophielucraftmee@gmail.com

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher who loves all things mind, body, breath, and movement.

As a teacher I aim to teach with a compassionate heart and an authentic mind, sharing the joy of this magical practice with you in a safe and beautiful space, where everyone is made to feel welcome.

I will encourage you to feel into your body moving it in a way that feels good for you and only you. Remember it’s not about how a pose looks, it’s about how it feels in your body at that moment, and when you start to tune in to this, the magic of the body-mind connection strengthens with every practice, and your whole being will thank you for it!

Stretch + Restore
Every Thursday 6pm – 7pm
Join me for this deeply nourishing Hatha Yoga flow where we will be slowing down and focusing on stretching through the entire body, ironing out all the knots and kinks, whilst improving our flexibility.
We will use the power of the breath to allow us to release tension deep from within the tissues and fascia of the body, whilst also calming the sympathetic nervous system bringing about a sense of ease and peace within the mind!
We will end our flow with a long and beautifully restorative Savasana to allow you to float off into a dreamy space of peace and restoration.

This class is suitable for all levels, including complete beginners, and everybody is very much welcome 🙂

How to find me: 

Visit: Peaceful Me Yoga | Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Email: lisa@peacefulmeyoga.co.uk

Booking: momoyoga.com/peacefulmeyoga/register/

Instagram: peaceful_me_yoga
Facebook: Peaceful Me Yoga

Luna Sol Amor was created by Lou Marie to provide a nourishing, safe healing space for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves. 

As an intuitive healing practitioner, Lou provides 1:1 and group sessions for sound baths, sound healing, reiki, emotional & spiritual guidance, nourishing yoga and heart centred manifesting/vision boarding workshops. 

Feedback from clients ~
“I didn’t want it to end!”
“Pure magick!”
“I love how balanced I feel”

Contact Lou
07703 756 805

Teachers Annet Richards-BinnsAnnet Richards-Binns is an empowering Yoga teacher who is deeply motivated about Yoga and her yoga practice. Yoga first came into Annet’s life as a teenager and she kept that light shining brightly in her for many years developing her practice and knowledge, before her realisation that she would love to train, teach and share what she knows about Yoga!

Annet is an inspired woman with a joyous nature, vitalizing energy and a gift in guiding and inspiring people to appreciate the magic of their existence and to feel good about themselves. She is innovative and genuine across her many talents, including her work as a diversity change agent, creative workshop facilitator, global play trainer, dance tutor, artist, play-worker and wellness advocate.

Annet teaches Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga styles throughout Gloucestershire. She is dedicated to helping people flourish with their Well-Being, and feel connected to themselves and others, through Yoga.


Visit my youtube channel

Teachers Viviana Rossi-CaffellVisual artist and performer, Viviana has trained in Kinomichi since 2008 in the Parisian International Kinomichi Centre, and has been running workshops and training in Italy and the UK.

After years studying Judo and Karate, parallel to classical and contemporary dance, Kinomichi has been the perfect fusion of purpose and fluidity in movement, in connection to the others, allowing to develop strength, flexibility, dynamism, concentration and relaxation, in a fun and enjoyable way suitable to all ages.


Teachers - Yuliya AndrewsJoin Yuliya Andrews for her Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class.

My classes are a beautiful fusion of ancient teachings with a modern approach. They are a blend of the Ashtanga Primary Series and more advanced series combined with funky Vinyasa Flows to bring you the most benefit out of this powerful practice. They are flowing sequences of postures designed to strengthen your body, relax your mind and help you to find harmony in this increasingly busy world. They consist of Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana (postures) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).

My group classes are a moderate level suitable for beginners and advanced students with modifications offered to explore the postures safely and deeply.


07728 407049

Nutshell Studios Dance in a NutshellOrganically grown group of dancers meet fortnightly to explore the connection between movement, sound, self and the others.

Contact viviana@nutshellstudios.uk for details.

Hapkiyusul is a Korean martial art form derived from Japanese Jujitsu.  Patricia Woodham teaches this class on Thursday evenings, from 7.30pm – 9pm.

Contact pmwoodham@yahoo.com for details.

Salacia Baldwin, YogaHello! My name is Salacia, 300hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher based in Gloucestershire, here to guide you through this beautiful practice of unity and connection, that is yoga.

My intention is to hold a safe space with a light hearted, joyful approach in every class, in order for every individual to freely delve into the practice through expression and creativity. I teach a strong, fluid, ‘dance’ style Vinyasa practice with a deep rooted holistic approach and a strong emphasis on breath.

A lot of my classes include themes of the five natural elements of life – Earth, Water, Fire and Air, as well as Chakras and keeping the focus on our energetic body. I can’t wait to share this practice with you. See you on the mat!

Visit www.yogawithsalacia.com or contact salacia.marianna@gmail.com for booking and details.