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The Nutshell Studios is the UK’s first dojo dedicated to Kinomichi. Please contact us for more information about our regular classes. Days and times are listed below.

Kinomichi (literally “ki-no-michi”, means “the way of the energy”) is a discipline deriving from Aikido, founded by Noro Sensei in 1979.

After many years of practice of Aikido, Noro decided to create a more sensitive practice, more respectful of the body, where the idea of an adversary is replaced by the idea of a partner. In Kinomichi there is never the idea of a winner and a loser; the partner’s energy is used to generate a dynamism, an opening, a creation: “Never fight against the other, but always proceed with him in order to move forward.”

The physical practice is a way to explore some important elements such as the Hara (the vital centre of the body), the Qi (the circulating life energy), the suppleness, by the experience of the encounter and the contact, the spiral and the vertical.

An image often used by Noro is the one of a tree, deeply rooted into the ground, as a vector of energy to liberate into the sky.

For Noro, the most essential elements of training are peace and its realisation. Beginning from and adhering to these two elements he places Man, like a link, between Earth and Sky. This union, holding in harmony the Way of the Sky, the Way of the Earth and the Way of Man, releases an ascending energy, from the ground upward, from the feet, through the grasp and beyond. The generation of energy takes its source from the ground and the intent, flows through the energy centers in the body, including the hara located in the abdomen, and is modulated by the heart of the practitioner.

The techniques are practiced barehanded, with a stick (Jō), wooden sword (Bokken) and sword (Iaito), upright or kneeling, with control or with throws, with one partner or many, in a systematic manner or freely. The energy flows from the Earth toward the Sky, from the support of the earth toward the partner, along an arm, a stick or a sword.

The technical wealth of this art and its profuse variations might make it seem complex. However, a thorough study with the support provided by the presence of a master allows one to understand its principles and, thus, glimpse its underlying simplicity.

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Kinomichi for all ages

Classes are taught by Viviana Rossi-Caffell, accredited teacher from the International Kinomichi Centre in Paris.

Our classes are open to children over 7 and adults of all ages and do not require a specific preparation in martial arts.

Our fluid and dynamic practice aims at developing coordination, focus, strength, balance and self-confidence through fun and progressive movements and techniques, also involving the use of a Jō (traditional Japanese wooden stick).

The physical practice is a way to explore the Hara (the vital center of the body) and the Qi (the circulating life energy), through the experience of the encounter and the contact with the partner.

Kinomichi classes at the Nutshell Studios dojo
Class Times

For classes, workshops and one-to-one sessions, please contact

Kinomichi workshops

Kinomichi workshops

Regular workshops with Takeharu Noro Sensei and Odyle Noro Sensei take place in our dojo.