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Candlelit Yoga – Rest and Restore

The Nutshell Dojo
7 – 8:30pm, 22nd December 2021

An opportunity to deeply unwind, recharge and restore energy.
This session will include postures and pranayama techniques to promote wellbeing and positivity and light from within.
You will find ambient music and candlelight.

Limited spaces available.

Please get in touch for more information and to book your space.


Flummery Workshop – A creative movement session with Brenda Waite

The Nutshell Dojo
11am – 12:30pm, 11th December 2021

A monthly movement workshop for creatives who would like to explore their expressive potential.

The sessions begin with a one hour class, a rich mix of individual and collective exploration using improvisation and a range of techniques to look at themes of presence, space, voice / language, character, object and more.

Through a progressive layering of elements we move into a more open structure of guided improvisations and gentle performance practise.
The Flummery process invites a sense of play, connection and investigation. A positive feedback model will be integrated throughout. Adults of all levels of experience welcome.
Brenda’s practise is influenced by her eclectic experience in somatic practises, dance, physical theatre and improvisation.
Theme for this month’s Flummery will be Presence through the Senses.
Using a range of play tools / compositional skills we will transform sensation into form, to communicate the experience of the body.  

Max 6 participants, booking essential.

Lateral flow test required so everyone can feel at ease, thanks.

For booking and further information, contact Brenda:

Movement & Words Workshop

Film, Body and Space with Brenda Waite and Anna Cady

This workshop will bring us into our three dimensional body connecting through the layers of our tissue into a deeper relationship with our physical presence, each other and our surroundings.

Playing within spatial frames we will look at how we perceive and inhabit space, our presence and position within an image and what that communicates.

Anna will propose short creative writing exercises to find words to express what effect screened film has on the senses / the body allowing a rich range of movement to unfold.

When: 12th OR 13th June, 2021
Time:  10 – 2.30pm  (30min lunch break, please arrive at 9.50am)
Cost:  £20
Spaces limited to 6 participants per workshop, booking essential.

For booking and further info contact Brenda:
Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring food and water.  Tea and Biscuits provided.

Brenda Waite
I am a performance practitioner of physical theatre and dance whose work is grounded in practises that accentuate ‘live-ness’.  My projects revolve around fostering connection with others, our physical surroundings and personal narratives.

Anna Cady
My intention, in making films co-creatively with artists and non-artists, is to enable conversations about differing points of view. Site specific installations combine performance, dance, music and poetry.